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Finnish Nationals 2022 completed, clear victory for Lion of Finland!


Our beloved F18 class competed again for the Finnish championship on September 17-18. in the early autumn weather with fifteen boats!

This time the first day offered less excitement on the water, as the wind conditions did not allow the starts to be run. Fleet tried to get wind on the legendary “beach leg” (read night out in the city), and succeeded, because five starts were successfully raced on Sunday.

The competition at the top was fierce, but in the end, with a clean series of five bullets, Lion of Finland FIN 5 helmed by Mikko Räisänen and crewed by Kirsikka Räisänen, secured the gold medal. They were followed by FIN 14, Otto Reittila and Anssi “always ready quick command backup” Muikku. The bronze was won by Australia’s gift to sailing, Oliver Hartas, FIN 141 at the helm, with Viktor Grandell as crew.

Foreign countries were represented by Estonia’s two crews, EST 049 Siim Maivel and Kristjan Kookmaa, and EST 2048, Keit Järve and Taavi Valter Taveter, the first of which finished in 7th place and the second in 14th place. Thank you for visiting!  Great to see that the F18 class is growing in Estonia again. Finnish sailors are more than thrilled to join the regattas in Estonia in the future!

Overall, we are pleased with the development of the class currently. The regatta attracted a fair amount of boats with a great mix of new and old teams. 2023 will be yet another exciting year with an even larger number of boats on the line. According to rumors, sailors hooked on the previous trial day may well end up participating 😉

More photos of the games taken by Waker boats at

Images by Peter Flinkman / Waker boats

2021 Ranking tulokset

Kausi 2021 oli täynnä hyviä kisoja ja nyt ovat pistenikkarit saaneet laskennan loppuun.

Kovan taiston vei lopulta FIN-1337 ennen FIN-007 ja FIN-11. Hyvä tyypit!

Katseet siirtyvät kohti kauden päätöstapahtumaa ja kautta 2022. Nautitaan vielä keleistä, kovaa ajoa!


F18 ranking results 2021

Sponsorship deal with Rohje


We are excited to announce that The Midnight Sun Raid will be sponsored by Rohje, a Finnish watch brand drawing inspiration from Nordic nature.

After getting in touch with the team at Rohje we quickly realized our core values align very well and immediately started planning ways to co-operate. The Formula 18 -class is known for having fun on and off the water so let’s welcome Rohje to the party!

The winners of the Raid will be awarded watches from the Rohje collection. Want one? Sign up to the Raid or visit https://www.rohje.com/

See you all in June!