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New information available of the Saimaa RAID – CP list and maps updated!

As the temperatures are rising in the Northern hemisphere the preparations for the upcoming Saimaa RAID event in Finland (7-9 August 2020 in Finland at Lake Saimaa) are on full speed and the preparation committee is working furiously!

The checkpoint list has been released and made available for all participating teams. More information will be released as we move on with the preparations. From the enclosed maps it can be seen that the CP’s are spread across the Saimaa lake – 4th largest fresh water lake in Europe.

Link to the CP list and other important information:

Thanks to the Finnish Government – some of the travelling restrictions have been released recently. The Internal border control has been lifted as at 15 June on the land border between Finland and Norway, and for air traffic and regular ferry services between Finland and Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Internal border control was also lifted for recreational vessel traffic. All persons arriving in Finland are recommended to self-isolate for 14 days but the self-isolation is not required if the person arrives from Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania.

This allows our fellow sailors in the above mentioned countries to participate the race!

The registration at regular price ends on Sunday 28th and required amount of teams among the Finnish fleet have already registered.

Welcome to Saimaa RAID adventure!